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Struggle: This is Yehloe's single and it's available to listen on sound cloud. 


New Release " Redeem Love" poetry book by Yehloe The Poet. On Amazon & Kindle

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  Published author Yehloe The Poet has previously released "When The Tiers of Life Play" poetry book and recently released " Redeem Love" poetry book.


  He was born and reaised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois.

He started writing poetry at the age of seven and in 2010, he decided he wanted to make is work into his career. He would perfom at family events, home, and in school. In 1987 he performed in a summer league talent show, in drama class in high school, and many other venues. It was then, he decided to take his peoetry to a new level. He performed in Apache Cafe, Club Pisces, Wendell Phillips, Dawson College, Prime Time Studios and on more than 100 broadband radio stations in the United States. 


  Please feel free to reach out to him on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTuve, Tik-Tok or just google Yehloe The Poet and enjoy your reading experience. 

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