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    I ask that all visitors leave a comment on my blog. Good or bad, please tell me how you like my website. I like feedback and it's not personal, so please do not feel that I will get mad at you for your comments or suggestions. Thanks everyone! 

    Yehloe The Poet

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    Hi everyone my new book "For My Woman" is getting ready to hit the ebooks real soon. The purpose of this book is in multiple resoning; It's to bring inspiration to the woman that read this book, give men ideas on what to say and how to talk to women, and to have your personal interaction with Yehloe The Poet. 

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    Welcome Everyone, 

    It's Yehloe The Poet, I would like to welcome all current and new visiters to my new blog. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions.  Also, checkout the entire website for poetry, quotes, and pictures. I have quality T-Shirts for sale at the store (Yehloe's Shop). You can make a request to get any quote or poem put on a T-Shirt, please make sure you state the size you want. 

    Thanks everyone! Have a great day!