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During his attendance at Wendell Phillps High School he won 1st place in the academic olympics for top artist in the figure drawing contest. He became the art editor for the school newspaper. Yehloe The Poet completed his high school education at Dunbar Vocational High School. He won 2nd place the second time and went on to graduate from Dawson College in Chicago, Il with a 4.4 gpa. He received a certificate for data processing after graduating from Dawson in 1991. In 1997 Yehloe recieved a certificate for business management from Stateway Community Development project. He recieved a blue ribbon award for his art in the DuSable museum art fare. He recieved his Bachelors of Science in Business Management from University  of Phoenix. 

YehloeThe Poet is a native of the south side of Chicago, Illinois. He has used his skills and talents in multiple industries. He became an author in February of 2012. He strives to inspire love in relationships and motivate males to put the love in their lives, the right way. 
Yehloe was born in Chicago, Illinois where his grandmother (Mom's side of family) resided in the Ida B. Wells extension ( seven story buildings). By the time he reached the age of five he was raised on 35th & Wentworth with his other grandmother (Dad's side of the family) until he reached early adulthood. During this time he lived in some rough and moderately rough neighborhoods, but never allowed his environment to stop him from doing what it took to better himself. 
At the age of two he modeled custum made clothing and walked the runway as he was strutting for channel 2 Eyewitness News. He went on to model for college students during his teen years and getting paid while doing nature walks. Between times he performed and wrote poetry at school events, venues, broadband radio stations with over 120 interviews, clubs, community events and some family events. He went on to continue his passion for poetry as an adult. 
In February 2012, he wrote his first book "When The Tiers of Life Play". This book was inspired by the diversity in his life as he grew up multitalented, multiracial, and in neighborhoods where there were multiple nationalities. In his 50 page book he wanted to write for mutiple people no matter their age. He also wanted to encourage love, hope, and faith.
To this day he looks to inspire love, hope, and faith in the lives of many people as a means to give back to humanity. Also bring back that old fashion version of love known by so many of our ancestors. The power, respect, and virtues of love are priceless and should be familiar to everyone worldwide. 


Rewarding Moments

Yehloe Released his first musical poem "Farewell Barack Obama" in 2017. It can be found on sound cloud, youtube, and his facebook page. 

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